After her Showdance education at Penney de Jager Karin started to work as a dancer/model in theaters in the Netherlands and Belgium in 1984. In 2009 Karin started to work as a presenter, reporter and producer at the local tv station RTV Arnhem, the Netherlands. She hosted her own weekly TV program “Arnhem speaks” where she discussed political, social and cultural topics with the residents of Arnhem and a weekly guest. She was responsible for the subjects, interviews, guests, locations and music. Karin also covered daily news and major events in Arnhem. She regularly spoke with the Mayor, Dutch celebs, artists and politicians. She hosted the yearly fashion event “Night of the Fashion” from 2010 untill 2013. The last one being her own production.

Karin loves music and besides her work at RTV Arnhem she was also the international manager of the Italian accordionist and composer Marco Lo Russo from 2010 until 2012. Karin did an interview with him at the “Night of the Fashion” in Arnhem in 2011.
In December 2011 she directed and produced her first short film in Italy about Marco and finished it in March 2012.

She also presents cooking competitions, network- and beauty events. Karin made a music video for a jewelry designer from Los Angeles in August 2014 and directed and produced a fashion shoot for Boutique Central in Rome in December 2014. In March 2015 Karin did an interview about the ready-to-wear collection with an American fashion designer in Milan.

Karin loves entertainment and she always makes sure things stay light hearted during interviews. She covers fashion, music, dance, art, lifestyle, news and politics.


VosKra Media Productions Wim de Vos

Wim has been a photographer since 1971. He attended the photo academy and film school as part of the Technical University in Munich, Germany and he started in South Africa as a film cameraman in 1976.

The Soweto student uprising on June 16, 1976 was his first assignment as a cameraman, working for the then South African SABC TV. Wim then started for the German network ARD, doing news, documentaries and dramas. In 1982 he started freelancing for NOS, ZDF, BBC, French TV, ABC Australia, PBS and NBC. Many documentaries for the Dutch TV, BBC and several USA TV channels. He covered news about the war in Rhodesia, also in Rwanda and Sierra Leone. Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Iran, China, India, Afghanistan and the Berlin wall. Romania, East Germany, Russia and Israel. He also covered several Summer- and Winter Olympics and the list goes on and on. In 1985 Wim landed at CBS where he still works, filming news, 60 Minutes, 48 Hrs and show-side pieces.

He has worked with many very well known actors and directors; he made a ‘the making of’ documentary with Steven Spielberg on Shindlers List and the documentary Blood Diamonds in Sierra Leone, which also was a cinema movie, with Leonardo DiCaprio.

He also made several music videos for the likes of Little Steven, Lou Reed, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, Adele, Bruno Mars etc.

From 1986 until 2017 Wim received 15 Emmy Awards in the categories; Best Breaking News, Best Feature, Best Interview, Best Continious News Story, and Best Documentary. In 2017 he received the Sigma Delta Chi Award.